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Snorkeling with sea turtles at secret under water site.
(Yes, that really is the iqoption x apk color of the water, yes, we really do get that close, and yes, that turtle really is that big!)


Our truly unique snorkel trips incorporate Ancient Hawaiian Traditional Chants with Modern Marine Science. Ecoconscious and culturally reverent, we strive to give our guests an unforgettably enjoyable experience while, at the same time, promoting environmental awareness and employing environmentally sustainable business practices.  

If you are visiting the island of Oahu, please don't miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to snorkel through stunning marine environments with an experienced Marine Biologist and a Hawaiian Naturalist/Chanter (we call him the Octopus Whisperer) who knows these waters like the back of his hand. 

All adventures include: a site chosen for the quality of marine life and the potential for adventure; an orientation to help you understand what you will be seeing and how to see things most people swim right past; information about the significance of the site to the Hawaiians; a traditional Hawaiian chant asking permission and protection while we are in the sea; about an hour in the water, gentle hands-on examination of sturdy marinelife if you would like.

All excursions are led by a marine biologist with decades of experience and a perfect safety record and a naturalist familiar with the native marinelife, local water conditions, and the cultural and historical significance of the area. iq option apk

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