Our salty staff of ocean professionals adeptly accommodates the reluctant and eager alike with infectious energy, humor, and patience. Groups are small so you get lots of personalized attention.


Lynn Sutherland

Marine Biologist

With a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from Duke University, Lynn is experienced in tropical marine ecology, sea turtle biology, and has a ton of on-and in-water experience with whales and dolphins.

Lynn is a wealth of information about the ocean creatures and environmental issues.  She's fantastic with the youngsters and can answer just about any question she gets. Whether instructing you on the boat or guiding you in the water, Lynn is always right there with you making sure you are comfortable and safe.


Mike Ligsay

Hawaiian Culture / Naturalist

Mike brings the spirit of the Hawaiian culture to Under the Sea. He grew up on Oahu in the modern Hawaiian culture but he also has special knowledge of traditional Hawaiian chants and practices.He is a member of the Hawaiian Royal Guard. a

In addition, Mike knows the ocean like the back of his hand, has a twinkle in his eye and is a natural-born teacher. He's got a terrific sense of humor and a huge heart.  He loves nature and people and is an amazing person to work with.


Josie Mueller

Marine Biologist

Josie got her degree in marine biology right here in Hawaii so she knows the local critters. She works full time at the Sealife Park but pinch hits for us on her days off.

You haven't lived until you hear Josie squeal with excitement at some amazing thing we experience - like nearby breaching whales or a sudden dolphin stampede.  Josie loves little kids and is great working with them.  And the young ones love her, too.  She's also a darned good photographer.





barbara 2 web

Barbara Whitman Howell

Marine Biologist / Captain / Owner

Under the Sea is owned by award-winning marine biologist, educator, captain and entrepreneur Barbara Whitman Howell who has successfully operated her own marine education and research programs in New England, Mexico, the Caribbean, and now, Hawaii. This adventurous woman has taught around the world, chartered tall ships, explored jungles, and lived with different cultures. Her specialties range from marine invertebrates to sea turtles, animal behavior to marine ecology. Her goal is to acquaint people with the marine world and instill in them a love of and a desire to protect the ocean and its creatures. She believes that education should be hands-on, fun, adventurous, entertaining, and factual. She says “I am so excited about Under the Sea Hawaii. We provide a wonderfully unique alternative to other snorkel tours. We will show you how underwater communities are just like ours in so many ways.” Barbara has a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology and studied at Cornell University’s Shoals Marine Laboratory both as an under graduate and a graduate student.